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Aunt Ruth on Being Loving

Loving Aunt Ruth - Recipes for a Life Well-Lived

Everyone wants to be unconditionally loved. Loving Aunt Ruth offers it to all.

Aunt Ruth got her will to live from loving people. She thought everyone was worthy. Her niece, photographer, Honey Lazar, documented Aunt Ruth’s life and was an audience to her wisdom. The combination of beautiful photographs and narrative offers a uniquely powerful guide to living well.

Honey asked Aunt Ruth many questions about life and choices, and though she waited for an answer that might veer from those rooted in love of faith, family, friends, or country, none came. Aunt Ruth lived her spoken truth. She cooked and froze in case someone she knew was ill or lonely. Her bathroom shelves were filled with first aid supplies in case someone in her building needed a bandage or antiseptic spray. She always thought of others, not because she had to but because she knew no other way to live.

Honey asked Aunt Ruth if she might photograph her as a way of getting close to one another, and Aunt Ruth responded by giving a tea party, so Honey could meet all of her friends. Socializing, cooking, serving, and sharing were the core of Aunt Ruth’s loving lessons that she taught to Honey and which are revealed in text and through intimate photographs.

Aunt Ruth speaks of raising children, being a sister, or a wife with an easy elegance that resonates to readers of all ages.

This book is a template for anyone interested in getting to know the wise people in one’s life or creating a legacy. It is a guide for all who want simple lessons to becoming better people, who need a reminder that “the best part of cooking is sharing. This is true with most things in life,” said Aunt Ruth.

Most of all it is about love. As Aunt Ruth said, “Make sure you always have love in your life. It is the greatest gift of all.”

You are going to love Aunt Ruth.

Kristin Ohlson, The Soil Will Save Us

Honey Lazar is an award-winning photographer who lives with her husband and 22-year-old cat in Cleveland, Ohio.

CJN’s Jews of Interest: Honey Lazar

She takes pictures to keep her people immortal

by Carlo Wolff / Cleveland Jewish News

Honey Lazar believes that caring keeps relationships strong. She takes photographs to tell stories of the people she cares about – and to keep alive loved ones she has been losing since childhood.

Lazar’s plainspoken, finely textured pictures celebrate family above all. Her latest project, “Loving Aunt Ruth,” honors her aunt, who died in March. Lazar spent seven years on this labor of love, and now it’s going to be a book. Set for publication next spring, it will be a perfect complement to Aunt Ruth photos accessible online and to the blog Lazar writes in her aunt’s name at Jewishjournal.com.

Trained as a social worker, Lazar left that field for a different, more personal kind of focus. Her kindness, which shines brightly in her photography, bridges the gap.

The Aunt Ruth photos show a remarkable woman, whom Lazar considers a lodestar, at home, at a birthday party, at daily chores. There are pictures of reminders Aunt Ruth posted on her refrigerator door. There is one by photographer Elizabeth Glorioso of Lazar and Aunt Ruth looking at each other, content in their closeness. Another captures the woman named Ruth Rivitz Moss cleaning the gravestone of her sister, Leah, Lazar’s mother. Yet another traps her in full joy at her 90th birthday.